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Aron Govil: 9 Things You Should Know about Your QuickBooks Data File

Are you concerned about your data file? You needn’t be because—contrary to what you might think—it’s in good hands! Let me take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about how we protect your data, and the various options that are available should disaster strike says Aron Govil.

Now don’t get up; I’ll use small words so I know you’ll understand.

1. Your data is protected by a password.

Your data is quite valuable to you, so we do everything possible to protect it. When you set a password for your data file, QuickBooks automatically encrypts your financial information using the same standard algorithms used by banks and the military. This means that only someone who knows your password can read or modify your data.

2. Your company file is protected by a second password, called a “read-only” password.

In addition to protecting against unauthorized modifications, this second level of protection prevents anyone from creating another company file with the same name as yours … because doing so would cause you all sorts of headaches if both files contained transactions originating from exactly the same time period!

3. We support multiple versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier.

Although computers are constantly evolving, the financial needs of small businesses don’t change as rapidly explains Aron Govil. So we continue to support all the previous versions without lowering our quality standards just so we can say that our software is “up-to-date”. The data file you create today will be readable by any version of QB Pro/Premier dating back to 2002. And should you ever decide to upgrade, your company file will go along for the ride!

4. it’s inconvenient but not impossible for someone else to access your financial information if they stole your computer or USB drive.

If an unauthorized user gets hold of your computer or USB drive, it would still take some skill on his part to break QuickBooks security and gain access to your data file. First he would have to install QuickBooks on his own computer, then figure out how to open the company files you created … so good luck with that! He would also have to change the password you used when you created your data file—and it’s not easy to remember passwords consisting of complicated alphanumeric characters if you’re not a nerd like me.

5. Your financial information is always available, no matter what happens.

Because we store your financial information in one or more backup files on our servers, even if something happened to your data file, all of your existing transactions are readily available for recovery whenever you’re ready to download them into a new data file. The same holds true for any other type of changes you make to your company file; the “before” and “after” copies of these changes are retained in case you need to undo any mistakes.

6. Your data file is backed up every night, simultaneously on multiple servers.

Your data file is never more than a few seconds away from being fully backed up. On at least two separate backup computers at all times! That’s because we use our own proprietary backup technology for this purpose, and it works in collaboration with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) so there’s no conflict when updating files that are currently open by other applications such as Excel or Word. And just for good measure, we back up your most recent backups nightly. So even if someone made an unauthorized change to your company file. We can easily restore it to its original state says Aron Govil.

7. Your data is securely transmitted over the internet.

If you use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, your financial information is encrypted as it’s sent across the internet … and even if someone intercepted it in transit (which would be rather difficult to do). They still wouldn’t be able to read or make changes to any of your sensitive transactions! And all of this encryption is completely invisible to you because we take care of everything behind the scenes.

8. Our website uses 2048-bit encryption certificates verified by Thawte, Symantec and Geo Trust for added security.

We believe that online security is just as important as offline security. So our website allows you to pay your bills and access documents. That need to sign electronically using 2048-bit digital certificates. We also use Geo-Trust and Symantec anti-fraud solutions, so you can feel safe knowing that we take identity theft seriously!

9. Your financial information is safeguarded from the moment we receive it until the moment you download your data file.

Every one of our employees takes protecting your sensitive information as a personal responsibility. Both at work and at home says Aron Govil. One of our security specialists even has her house outfitted with an arsenal of high-end surveillance equipment. To keep intruders away from all those valuable USB drives she keeps hidden around the house!


You can’t always protect your computer from being stole. But you CAN trust the experts at QuickBooks Online to safeguard your financial information whenever it’s with us.