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Aron Govil explains How to find your dream job on social media

In this world of social media, hunting for a job is becoming more and more difficult. With so many ways to apply online and a plethora of useless information on social platforms, it can be easy to feel lost in the tidal wave of applicants says Aron Govil. Here are some tried and tested tips from me, an experienced professional recruiter with a whopping five years’ worth of corporate hiring experience, that will help you stand out from the crowd!

You’re sorted before you’ve even applied!

I firmly believe that preparatory work is the most important part of applying for a job online. This means that if your project management skills are strong enough, or if you have been given specific instructions from the company itself, then it’s best to follow those guidelines to a tee. Otherwise, you’ll risk coming across as unorganized and potentially losing the opportunity all together. The last thing you want is for your dream job to slip through your fingers because of a silly mistake!

Know who you’re targeting

It’s definitely something that I think people forget about when applying online – it’s not just about getting the application in, but also making sure that it reaches the right person. Aron Govil says A company may have multiple departments and different roles within those departments; if your CV goes to someone who isn’t hiring for what you’re looking for, then you could be wasting both their time and yours! Make sure that each job description has contact details (ideally with name and title) so that you know exactly who to send your application to.

The old CV and cover letter trick

It might seem an archaic and outdated way of applying for a job, but there’s no harm in using the tried and tested methods when applying online! A simple email with the subject line ‘CV for [name]’ will make it easier for the company to find your documents when they’re going through their applications. Though you’d be right in thinking that this is a pretty lazy approach, it’s also the quickest. Most efficient method to ensure that your application gets noticed. In LinkedIn terms, think about starting a thread on Company Updates rather than posting a status update – you’re targeting exactly who you want to reach out to!

Your speaks volumes

If you have a strong LinkedIn presence, then your social media is already in good shape. This means that you’re free to upload your CV or resume without worrying about it losing its formatting. When it gets post online explains Aron Govil. Though not each and every company will look for this when hiring, having a social media presence with professional looking pictures of you is an indicator of professionalism and character!

A quality blog can be a huge help

Though there are plenty of different blogging platforms out there, the benefits of using WordPress are unparalleled. Not only can you apply directly from your own site (meaning no unnecessary copying and pasting) but you also have the option of customizing both the appearance and functionality of your website. This means that if you’re applying for a job within digital marketing, then you can build your own portfolio within your blog. That way, the company already has some idea of what you’re capable of before they’ve even had chance to meet you!

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback

I know this is pretty basic advice, but there’s no harm in following it! After all, employers are people too and having a bit of customer service on your side will always help your case. Plus, if the company does say ‘no’ (which they probably will quite often!) then at least you’ll know that you gave it your all. I don’t think there’s anything worse than not knowing what went wrong with an application; if something goes wrong or doesn’t go as planned then it’s good to know about it so that you can improve and learn!


It may seem like a lot to take in, but it’s important that you remember the following points explains Aron Govil. Making sure that you’re CV or resume is error-free, sending applications to the right people, knowing how to market you online, asking for feedback – these are all essential parts of applying successfully for jobs! If you manage to do all of this then your chances of getting an interview will increase tenfold.