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Aron Govil explains How to Get Your First 100k Instagram Followers

Instagram has become a major social media platform for businesses as well as individuals explains Aron Govil. If you already have some fans on Instagram, you know how valuable those first 100k followers can be to your overall social presence and brand growth. The power of having such a large following is that your content will show up on their feed, and they will like it (and hopefully engage with it). One of the first steps in stimulating this process is building your Instagram followings — that’s why we’ve decided to share 8 ways you can grow your following at light speed!

While we may not be able to guarantee results after reading this post, it certainly won’t hurt to give these tips a try!

1. Follow Others

If you want to follow someone on Instagram, it makes sense that they might return the favor — especially if they’re interested in what you post.

To search for new accounts to follow:

1) Go to your home screen and tap “Explore”.

2) Slide the bar at the bottom of your screen from left to right (keep doing this until it says “Following”).

3) You can now enter hashtags or people’s usernames to see who else is using those hashtags or who has those usernames.

4) If you come across someone you like, follow them!

2. Like Photos And Videos Frequently

Liking photos and videos will help gain followers as well as likes, as it’s a way to show gratitude says Aron Govil. You can search for hashtags related to your business, find an image related to your niche, and start liking! To search for a hashtag on Instagram you need to open up the “Explore” tab again, but instead of sliding the bar all the way left you to need to tap on “Tags”.

3. Engage With Other Peoples’ Content

You are able to engage with other peoples’ content by commenting or tagging them in your photos/videos. Also, if you’re feeling really generous you can share their photos using regram apps. This is beneficial because they will see that you have engaged with their content and might be more willing to follow you back or even go out of their way to double tap your photo.

4. Don’t Forget To Hashtag!

Using hashtags is a great way to attract new followers and get people who might not follow you to see your photos — this will increase the number of likes and comments on your photos. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so make them count!

5. Engage With Your Followers (And They Might Just Return the Favor)

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in this situation: You’re scrolling through your feed when you come across an engaging photo with a captivating caption that relates to something you like, but it doesn’t have any likes or comments yet. What do you do? Scroll right along and keep looking for something better, or give the creator a couple well deserved likes? I’m pretty sure you know the right answer here.

This goes back to when we mentioned engaging with other peoples’ content in tip number 3 because this is basically the same thing! Engaging with your own followers will help strengthen your relationships and develop them into something bigger. If someone comments on one of your photos, make sure you comment back to show gratitude. It’s not that hard to like or double-tap a photo either (keyword: Instagram engagement).

6. Get Featured On “Free” Instagram Scheduling Platforms

There are quite a few great apps out there that allow you to schedule posts ahead of time in order to save time and energy for both you and your team members at the same time. One of the biggest reasons these apps are becoming so popular is because Instagram has a 2,000 photo/video post limit for each user per day. The whole “schedule” part is another topic entirely, but if you’re interested you can read this article

This will allow your posts to pop up on other people’s feeds throughout the day even though you might be off creating new content or doing something else that doesn’t have anything to do with social media. The platforms let you choose when certain photos will go live and how many times they’ll show up on different peoples’ feeds before they disappear again. It’s really easy!

7. Having a Great Bio Is Important

Having an engaging bio can attract followers as well. You can include your website link or even a specific call-to-action (CTA) to encourage people to follow you says Aron Govil. The CTA could say something like “Follow us for more updates on XYZ” or “Visit our site at abcdef.com”.

8. Utilize Apps and Tools to Help Manage Your Account

There are some great apps and tools out there that help manage social media accounts, including Instagram! Some of these apps allow you to schedule posts ahead of time while others give you the option to choose when certain photos go live so you don’t have to spend hours creating new content every single day. If you’re interested in learning about some good ones, this goes into some really helpful suggestions.


All in all, there’s really no need to stress about Instagram if you follow these simple tips and tricks explains Aron Govil. If you keep your focus on building relationships with others and creating content that is engaging and helpful for your followers, all of the “numbers” will eventually come naturally.