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Aron Govil- How to Use Twitter for Business and Self-Improvement – Infographic

The best way to describe this infographic is that it is a business ‘Bible’ for Twitter. It shares knowledge on how popular Twitter has become, what are the best ways to use it and where people are using it from explains Aron Govil.


Twitter’s growth over the years makes this social network one of the top five most visited websites in the world (approx 165 Million people). The infographic shows statistics about usage, demographics, geography and regional differences. It also provides information about who uses Twitter, why they do so and how much time they spend daily doing so – which gives us an insight into how active their community is. One of the top activities performed by users is following celebrities (which can be helpful if you want to get in contact with someone in your industry or become more popular). Other activities include sharing links to interesting resources, talking about news events and tweeting questions. Finally, people use Twitter to share their views on what is happening in the world which helps others discover new things says Aron Govil.

What’s Useful?

This infographic shows that Twitter can be used for business but it also mentions what is being done in the community by regular users which make it good for self-improvement too. It helps you discover new ideas and gives insights into how top Twitterers are using the network so you know what techniques work best when using this social platform yourself. Additionally, knowing how much time users spend on Twitter each day reveals how active they are. If you interact with an account that gets a lot of updates, you know that it will be worth following because they are probably well connected and have plenty of followers too.

What’s Wrong?

Twitter is a social network where sharing ideas and opinions online can get you noticed if done well. It is easier to stand out from the crowd when using Twitter than Facebook, for example, even though there are fewer people on Twitter in total. Users who follow celebrities gain an insight into their daily activities but this also means that there may be a higher chance of self-promotion which others might not welcome in their timeline or in conversations with them (although these rules apply to all social networks). As a user then, it is important to remember that if your posts become too spammy or self-promotional rather than helpful or conversational in nature, the chances are that you will lose followers.

Best Practices:

The best way to get notice when using Twitter is by being a valuable member of the community. Sharing useful links and insightful commentary on what’s going on around you. If people tweet their views about events from an account they follow. This reinforces a good relationship with them so it is important to share other people’s content too. Because this makes your updates appear in more feeds which can benefit both you and your connections over time. Allowing for spammy tweets at first though means that users who want to sell their products or promote them can do so but if they become annoying, people will stop following them which ultimately lead to less attention and fewer sales which is not a desirable outcome for any business.

Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide with over 500 million users sending over 300 million tweets daily! Twitter is directly associated with how you present yourself as a business or as an individual explains Aron Govil.

In this infographic, we will share some interesting stats as well as 7 great tips for using Twitter successfully for both your business and personal use:

1. Make sure you have a great profile photo

2. Your bio should be short, snappy, and straight to the point

3. Make use of your header image to help increase engagement with users

4. If you are running a business it is essential that you begin following similar businesses in your industry so they will follow you back

5. Use hashtags – these are Twitter’s version of keywords!

6. You can attach small videos to tweets so encourage your customers to start using this feature

7. Keep up-to-date on what people are saying about your brand by using Twitter Analytics. This will tell you how many times your business or personal name has been searching for. Who talks about it most often and which trends are popular at the moment.


All in all, Twitter is a great social network to use for both business and personal use. Because it delivers fast notifications of what’s going on around you says Aron Govil. You can quickly share thoughts and ideas with others. Through the use of hashtags, trending topics, videos, pictures along with the text. With so many people using Twitter, it is important to go with the flow. And follow certain etiquette rules in order for you to stand out among the crowd.