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Aron Govil: Seven ways to create a great experience for your customers, guaranteed!

This article is about seven techniques that can be used to create a great experience for your customers says Aron Govil. It is based on research and recommendations.

1. Simplicity

The first technique is simplicity.

One of the biggest challenges for websites and apps is to keep them simple.  An easy-to-use website or app facilitates the process on the users’ side, which can lead towards happy customers.  For instance, according to the usability expert James Archer, it’s important to use spell-checking tools, even if they’re just basic ones. According to him, this will reduce user input errors by 80%. Nobody likes typos especially not on a website that provides content like news articles or similar things.

Another thing that contributes to simplicity is navigation design. This means arranging all buttons and links in an orderly fashion so it doesn’t confuse users who are your site/app. One mistake that can be avoided is placing links and buttons in different areas.  For instance, the home button shouldn’t be placed where you’d expect your contact page to be.

Also, keep it simple by using plain, everyday language. A great example of this is Louis Gray’s blog post on Google Docs (http://goo.gl/jLpXm). It’s written in a conversational tone with no difficult words or technical terms. This captures users’ attention and keeps them engaged. Another good example of using plain and simple language is Andy Budd’s (http://goo.gl/iVXwv) post on UX Booth about getting back to simplicity.

2. Reduce the number of options and alternatives:

When we buy something, we tend to become overwhelmed with all the choices and possibilities and forget what we had wanted in the first place explains Aron Govil. It’s more effective to reduce the number of options rather than increase it by offering so many more things throwing away features or brands or styles will also do this nicely!

3. Make everything predictable:

Predictability can offer a sense of control over whatever situation you’re talking about, whether it’s using a product, reading an article, or listening to a song. The more effort it takes to use a product, the fewer people feel in control. Ease of use can be vital when it comes to ensuring that customers stick around and come back for more says Aron Govil.

4. Be transparent:

If I understand clearly what’s going on or how something works, then I’ll trust and like you and your brand much better than if it is vague and uncertain in nature. The best way to make this happen is through transparency.

5. Timely delivery:

Every moment we provide value or respond to a customer’s needs we create emotional equity. This means we build up goodwill for our companies which makes them more valuable over time (and lengthens their lifetime). It also often results in repeat business – something every business dreams of!

6. Build in quality:

The more time I spend with you or your brand, the less likely I am to switch to a competitor who is why it’s vital that we ensure our experiences are polished and well designed. This can happen on both an emotional and rational level – making sure the experience works both ways and makes sense from start to finish!

7. Aron Govil- Make me look good:

It feels good when someone does something for us. Think of the last time someone did something nice for you without asking anything in return? How did it make you feel? Offering these kinds of services (to employees, clients, and friends) creates intense loyalty and satisfaction. Even if we know deep down inside that it’s not real, simply experiencing it is what matters!

Here are some FAQs recently asked by a visitor to our online chat support:

Q. How do I get Google Play Store on my device?

A. Simply download an APK from the internet and install it as you would any other app!

Q. When will the new X Phone be coming out?

A. The new X Phone was released in June 2014! You can use your existing contracts to get one now, or buy one at full price from Verizon or another US carrier!

Q. How do I find songs by Pink Floyd?

A. Simply search for the songs you’re looking for and they’ll show up as a result! Alternatively, go to http://www.fakemusicden.com/ and download some free songs created especially as a joke!

Q. My device isn’t starting up properly, what do I do?

A. Unplug your phone and plug it back in again! If that doesn’t work, try restarting the device by turning it off then on again!

Q. Can you send me a picture of yourself?

A. No – this is more than likely spam (and part of my job involves staying safe online). If you’re interested, there are plenty of everyday images on Google Images which you can use to ‘see’ what I look like ;).


Next time you are on the job, think about these 7 techniques – they’ll help you have a better experience for your clientele.