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Aron Govil: What are the top three things that push customers away?

Is your online store pushing customers away? Do you know why?

If your online business is not turning the right numbers, then you should identify the shortcomings suggests Aron Govil. If some of them are related to customer experience or shipping, then you are on the right track.

1. Shipping & Delivery

Customers often complain about receiving poor value for money when they see that service providers are not using suitable courier companies at all costs. When they encounter hidden charges, bad options, and late deliveries on multiple occasions, many of them will lose trust in the whole brand. As a consequence new potential customers will be discouraged from buying because they will not have the same level of confidence as the first wave of customers.

2. Customer experience

If you are not adding value to your website, you are probably losing money day after day. Putting things right requires a bit of effort but if you do it right, then there is no reason why your website should not perform better than before.

It would be naïve to think that what matters most in such an equation is just traffic and SEO. You need to know how to convert more visitors into loyal customers who come back when required thanks to a smooth customer experience.

3. Products & Services offered

If you offer poor-quality products or services, this will push away potential customers. They will be discouraged from buying again and may even leave bad reviews on third-party websites to warn other people about the shortcomings of your online store explains Aron Govil.

Customer experience is a key factor in turning prospects into loyal customers. When they have a smooth shopping journey, the number of visitors who come back for more will increase. That is also one of the reasons why it is very important to invest in SEO and website conversion rate optimization at all costs. For many online business owners, these two factors are more important than traffic from Google ever could be!

In addition, offering poor quality products or services may push away potential new customers which can make people lose trust in your brand. In such situations, new potential customers may get discouraged from buying again and even leave bad reviews on third-party websites to warn other people about the shortcomings of your website. All in all, shipping & delivery is often one of the reasons why businesses do not succeed online. Luckily, there are some tricks that can help you get things right and maximize customer satisfaction.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by online business owners:

1. How can I reduce abandoned carts on my website?

Abandoned carts can be really frustrating for e-commerce professionals as they mean that you have not been able to convince a customer to complete the purchase process. If this goes on, you will lose money and customers will feel frustrated as well.

Here are some suggestions on how to turn things around:

• Ensure your users cannot checkout as guest users. This is a big problem particularly if they look for products that require shipping or delivery from their home address.

• Use coupons and discount codes if necessary but before that make sure that these provide value for money, which means that your website visitors know exactly what they contain! Do not forget that these cannot be offered one after the other without any kind of break.

• If you rely on marketing automation systems or CRM software, then send an email to each customer. Who abandons their shopping cart without completing the purchase process says Aron Govil. This can be done automatically and it is a good way to get in touch with them again. So they complete the order.

2. What steps should I take when my website experiences technical problems?

You may often find yourself in a position where your website experiences technical problems. Such as downtime and unexpected glitches that impact your sales and reputation online. If this happens, users will most likely abandon their carts and look for similar products elsewhere. That is why we recommend taking some immediate:

• Immediately put things right by getting your website back online. This is the only way to address the problem and regain your customers’ trust.

• Communicate with them through an email campaign. So they know what happened and why it took a while for you to get things back up and running.

• Make sure that these emails contain a link where they can see your products again if desired. Which makes this a great opportunity to re-target customers who have abandoned their carts.


Aron Govil explains third-party software tools are often the best allies for online business owners. Who wants to keep their website smooth and fast, optimize their marketing efforts, and improve customer experience. All in all, they provide a lot of benefits that can impact businesses directly. It is important to bear in mind that investing in these solutions may be the only way to make them better. However, you should carefully research each tool before making your final decision since not everything works the same way.